Bluefin – Sustainable and Delicious

“Bluefin Tuna” actually refers to three distinct species, Pacific Bluefin, Southern Bluefin and Eastern or Atlantic Bluefin. Of these three species, Atlantic Bluefin, which is what is landed in Maine is known to be the most sustainable.  The stock, which was depleted, has been rebuilt to levels seen in the 1970s, meaning you get to enjoy this delicious fish, caught by fishermen we know, and feel good about what you’re eating. Bluefin tuna is subject to strict quotas (how many fish can be landed) and seasonal restrictions to ensure it maintains a healthy stock. Because it’s a migratory species found in Maine waters in the summer, tuna fishing in Maine typically runs from July through the mid fall months.

In addition to coming from a large family (don’t forget the yellowfin, albacore, skipjack….there  are 15 species in all!), these fish have other remarkable assets.  First, they’re large – up to 10’ long and three quarters of a ton.  And most notably from a scientific standpoint, they’re warm blooded, unlike virtually every other fish in the sea.

The Bluefin tuna we bring you are caught by local fishermen we know who catch lobster as their primary living, but diversify into other species depending on the season.  These species include halibut, scallops and Atlantic bluefin. Helping fishermen diversify their income sources is especially important now in the midst of the COVID pandemic and with climate change altering the Gulf of Maine.  Providing a market for these sustainably caught and handled fish is an important part of what we do: strengthening coastal fishing communities and bringing our guests the best seafood on the planet!