Maine Seafood Bundle
Maine Seafood Bundle
Maine Seafood Bundle
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Maine Seafood Bundle

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To celebrate Earth Day this month, we've added our "virtuous vegetable" kelp to a variety pack of sustainable seafood from Maine.
We've collaborated with Atlantic Sea Farms in partnership with the Island Institute to bring kelp to Luke's Online Market - the perfect complement to locally sourced scallops, hake and monkfish! Atlantic Sea Farms is based in Maine and works with fishermen in the community to help diversify their incomes through kelp farming. Kelp is a regenerative crop that mitigates ocean acidification and generally keeps our waters healthy, and it is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Seaweed from Atlantic Sea Farms is always fresh and never dried like most imported kelp products! Learn more about our partnership here

This bundle includes 1 lb each of flash-frozen hake, monkfish, and dayboat scallops all landed in the Gulf of Maine and a pack of Kelp Cubes from Atlantic Sea Farms, made with pureed, then frozen kelp from Maine. Incredibly versatile, kelp cubes can be added to sauces, smoothies, dressings, and more for added nutritional value with a briny flavor, and the social and environmental impact that kelp brings to the table. 


- 1 pack frozen kelp cubes (8 cubes)

- 1 lb flash-frozen dayboat scallops

- 1 lb flash-frozen hake fillets

- 1 lb flash-frozen monkfish fillets

 Learn more about kelp sourcing, handling, and cooking, here.

**Consuming raw or undercooked shellfish may increase your risk of foodborne illness. More information about the safety of consuming raw food is available upon request.**

Ready-to-Eat Kelp Ingredients: Kelp.

Allergen Statement: Kelp is a marine vegetable and may contain trace amounts of shellfish. 


Raw Scallop Ingredients: Scallops, water, salt. 

Contains: Shellfish (scallop). 


Raw Hake Ingredients: Hake fish

Contains: Fish (Hake)


Raw Monkfish Ingredients: Monkfish

Contains: Fish (Monkfish)


Keep Frozen. Thaw under refrigeration immediately before use. 

Product of USA


Distributed By: Cape Seafood LLC/ 84 Industrial Park Rd./ Saco, ME 04072